ARTSun Gallery specializes in the works of Russian artists of the post-Soviet period, 1970-2000 years. Artists such as Mirjavadov, Feoktistov, Pankin long been known in Europe. We are pleased to offer this art to American collectors.
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Art of Mike Gelman:
Michail Arcadievich Gelman
was born in 1941,
The representative of the non-conformist movement in Russia. He was a member of the famous "Moscow twenty", hosted by the scandalous exhibition at Little Georgia 28 until 1988. His style can be described as wistful surrealism. Panic focus vision, common to non-conformism, passed in his painting monochrome palette. Mace human Plural in his compositions always countered otdelnove man emphasizes his isolation and abandonment. The existential drama of the world of loneliness grows in his works to the cosmic scale.
He currently lives and works in San Francisco.
  • In private collections in Russia, USA, Europe.
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