ARTSun Gallery specializes in the works of Russian artists of the post-Soviet period, 1970-2000 years. Artists such as Mirjavadov, Feoktistov, Pankin long been known in Europe. We are pleased to offer this art to American collectors..
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Art of Djavad Mirdjavadov ($OLD):
Javad Mirdjavadov
1923 - 1992
Javad Mirdjavadov's paintings are undoubtedly work of genius Master Javad Mirdjavadov - the brightest star of dissident art, the founding father of Azerbaijan's avant-garde. Mirjavadov was an artist and a philosopher. His work became a symbol of the birth of the era of great change - in art and in politics - who struck up a little later.
Admittedly, Mirjavadov was what is called the soul of Absheron school of painting - so named by the term art created in the 80 years, the community of Baku nonconformist artists. Each of these extraordinary authors in their own way was against the shackles of the existing political system. But Jawad Mirjavadov went the farthest. Creepy creation, divas and the Beast - all causing darkness in many of his paintings symbolize the harsh reality of life around him, broke man. It was a miracle that he was not arrested. Apparently, just because the beginning of the peak of his mature work had been a period of "thaw."
Another focus of his work were truly epic - and the format, and the depth of purpose. They Gobustan petroglyphs, ancient c, stone idols and many other monuments of national cultural history transformed the creative vision of the genius of the painter in some universal matrix of existence.
Yes, it is time for a decent assessment of creativity Mirdzhavadova Jawad, a temporal distance of several decades - decades, those who put everything in its place and realized a lot of the prophecy of this artist. He not only became the founder of a national trend in painting, but also laid the foundation for the spiritual revival of Azerbaijani art of modern times. Talented work of art reflects its time, and ingenious - anticipates future era. Javad's paintings proven belonging to the category of genius.
  • National Museum of Azerbaijan
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