ARTSun Gallery specializes in the works of Russian artists of the post-Soviet period, 1970-2000 years. Artists such as Mirjavadov, Feoktistov, Pankin long been known in Europe. We are pleased to offer this art to American collectors.
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Art of Vladimir Feoktistov:
Vladimir Petrovich Feoktistov
was born in 1947,
In 1966 he entered the Moscow Art Institute. Surikov, then studied at the Art School of Makhachkala and Moscow-Polygram oceanographic institute. I.Boskha passion for creativity, and P.Bruegel, P.Filonov had a significant effect on his as an artist.
Grotesque brushwork, coupled with compound PLOT get into the main-stream.
The first solo exhibition was held in 1983 - with sub-support of the Nobel Prize P.Kapitsy the Institute of physical processes problems of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow. Despite some success in the environment scientific, diplomatic and business elite, developing creativity, Feoktistov etsya beyond conventional field metropolitan artistic life. Since 1989 - the first live in Northern California. 1991 - m, returning home in Guder-months, gets into a situation of civil war, persecution and repression Russian the population of Chechnya. After two armed attacks had instead-degree and his family to leave their home. After living for several years in Moscow and St. Petersburg, artist retreats near the Black Sea. Experience strengthened him in the Bosch-ansko - breygelevskom view of the world, which he sees full of evil, vice, stupidity and mental deformities. However, in this study of human nature. Yet there is a nostalgia for the lost, but there is meaning.
Feoktistov - participated in many exhibitions held from Vladivostok to New - York and Seattle. His personal exhibitions were held in Moscow and Grozny San - Francisco, St. Petersburg.
  • Zimmerli Museum of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New - Jersey, United States
  • Kolodzei Foundation, New - Jersey, United States
  • G.Kostaki Collection, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Collection E.Schukina, San - Francisco, USA
  • A.Zhirardo Collection, Paris, France
  • The New Museum, Saint - Petersburg
  • and other public and private collections
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